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Rugby Paper Sacks has been supplying paper sacks and packaging across the UK since 1970. We have earned a worthy reputation for good quality products and reliable and friendly service. All enquiries whatever the size are equally considered and rapidly priced. We have always carried a wide range of stock in multi wall sewn open mouth paper sacks in 2 and 3 plies of Brown Kraft Paper.

We pride ourselves in assisting New and Small business in offering small quantities and low Print runs within an affordable budget.

We supply a variety of paper sacks for different end uses such as animal feeds, food ingredients, mail order and waste paper collection, and are the largest manufacturer of potato sacks in the UK. 

This style of paper sack is commonly used for packing potatoes, animal feed, food ingredients, mail order and industrial products. 

Paper sacks are manufactured flat or gusseted with a flush cut top and feature a stitched tape closure that may contain a jute filler cord, ripcord or carrying handle. Constructed from 1 to 4 plies of 70 to 110 gsm paper and available printed or unprinted.

We supply compostible paper sacks which can be filled with garden waste or household food waste and placed in a compost bin to fully biodegrade over time. The sacks are manufactured using certified compostable paper derived from renewable resources. All our sack kraft is sourced from mills who grow trees in managed, sustainable forests to ensure the responsible regeneration of forests

All our sack kraft paper is sourced from certified suppliers who grow trees in managed, sustainable forests to ensure the responsible regeneration of forests. Planting is six times the amount of harvesting. Our sack kraft boasts exceptional environmental credentials as it is biodegradable, recyclable, comes from an infinitely renewable resource and is produced in a sustainable manner so more trees are growing than are being cut down.

Buy more paper products to reduce carbon dioxide and negate polythene and polypropylene waste reaching our river systems and seas.


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